Boston born and raised and proud of it! I was raised by parents who deeply believed in all that the United States of America has always stood for, so my patriotism was nurtured from birth. Dad was a WWII & Korea Vet, Mom was an original Civil Air Patrol member in the 1940s; so they walked the talk, if you know what I mean. I followed in their footsteps in some ways, but also went my own way too so it is no surprise I am the way I am!

Those who know me, whether they love or hate me, will tell you that I am a very honest and outspoken person who fights for the causes I believe in, which began in my early teens. 

I always want to share as much information, news and knowledge as I can with others, hence this blog. This blog was originally started in 2005 (yes, when folks were like "what's a blog?") and has primarily lain dormant for several years.  I have left a few of the original posts on this blog which I feel are still relevant today. I did not stop writing, but was writing on my other blog BPS Education Oddyssey, the Patch and other places, with the primary focus on public education and social justice.

Because the election of 2016 was such a tumultuous experience, unlike anything I have experienced previously, I found myself writing more about what is going on politically instead of my usual education posts. Because of how drastically I am seeing my beloved country being impacted by the current position we find ourselves in here in the United States, thanks to a certain man who now occupies the White House and his crew of "destructors", I felt I needed to revive this blog. 

I will do my best to post as often as possible, when my kids and the very active resisting I am doing between work and volunteer obligations, allows. Thank you for reading my blog and please don't be shy - introduce yourself!

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